As a student, it can be quite hard to make money, especially when you’re busy going out to party while also juggling exams and assignments. To make matters worse, you can’t apply for a full-time job, as you’re not allowed and don’t have the time to do that. But here in this article, we’re going to discuss on how to make more money for students, a guide that we guarantee will work on every high school student or college student, make sure to read this article to find out more.

Keep tracks of your spendings

Although it can be overwhelming, keeping records of where your money goes will help a lot. This spending list will also help you to stay focused on your goals, while also setting up a budget on where your money goes. By having a spending list, you can save more money for yourself, and maybe finally buy the new smartphone that you’ve wanted.

Sell your old stuff

As time goes on, you’re going to have a lot of old stuff lying around in your place, perhaps an old textbook or an old clothing that you don’t wear anymore, but this is the perfect opportunity to make money, by selling all of your unused stuff. Nowadays there are a lot of websites where you can put your things up for sale, like eBay, Amazon and many more. Another tip for us is to sell your last semester textbook to your juniors for a lower price, which will attract their attention for sure.

Part-time jobs

A full-time job is not something you can apply for, but usually, stores or restaurants offer part-time jobs for students, this can be the time for you to apply. We recommend getting a part-time job in a restaurant as they give off leftover foods for the employee, which can save you from buying dinner, which means more money for you to save.

Tip: usually there are a lot of part-time jobs on your campus, make sure to look at the campus board or ask around.


If you have a specific talent then perhaps you can offer your services for some money. Nowadays there are lots of websites where they provide freelance services to clients, and you can join to become one of the freelancers, make sure you put what your talent and price are. The benefits of becoming a freelancer are that you can work anywhere and at any time, as long as you finish the job on time.

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